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Business Public Talk
“Hot stories”

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▪️ 10 AM - 12 PM 2nd January 2024 
▪️ Address: 50 Queen St, Haverhill CB9 9EF

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hot stories
hot stories
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Gemini Web Media with Blue Line Operations Ltd and The Woolpack will hold a unique
business public talk "HOT STORIES"!

📅 Date & Time: 2nd January 2024, 10 AM - 12 PM
📍 Venue: 50 Queen St, Haverhill CB9 9EF

 Gemini Web Media, Blue Line Operations Ltd,
and The Woolpack came together for an electrifying business talk – "HOT STORIES".

Engaging Talks: Our speakers shared their unvarnished experiences, discussing the peaks and valleys of their entrepreneurial journeys. Attendees gained valuable insights from these stories of success and setbacks.

Open Mic Format: A platform for candid and unfiltered storytelling, offering a unique perspective on business growth and entrepreneurship.
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Networking Opportunities:
The event provided a fantastic networking environment, allowing participants to connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.

Brand Expression:
Emphasizing the importance of sharing your brand's story, the event highlighted how personal journeys can enhance company reputation and provide social proof.

Special Takeaways:
Personalized Videos: Every speaker received a personal video of their speech, serving both as a memento and a tool for further brand promotion.

Exclusive Advertising Proposals:
Participants also walked away with unique advertising proposals, opening new avenues for brand visibility.

Missed This Event?
Don't worry if you missed "HOT STORIES"! We're excited to announce that similar events will be held on the first Tuesday of every month. If you have a compelling business story to share, we invite you to reach out. Your experience could be the spark for someone else's business success.

Stay Connected: For updates on upcoming events and more, keep an eye on our channels. We look forward to meeting you at our next gathering and hearing your incredible stories!

Partners Of The Business Public Talk “Hot stories” 
Location Partner
The Royal Exchange & 
The Woolpack  Haverhill
The Royal Exchange, High Street, Haverhill
General Partner
Blue Line Operations Ltd
Blue Line Operations
Gemini Web Media
Gemini Web Media